Placement Auditions


DATE AND TIME: Auditions will be held Sunday, June 9. There will be signs posted to let you know where to go. Suggested audition time for students whose last names begin with A-K is 3:00-4:00; last names L-Z is 4:00-5:00.  Any students who need a later time can audition from 5:00-6:00. Spreading out the audition times will help us avoid a long line. Please e-mail Rick Brockway (camp director) if you cannot audition between 3:00-6:00 (


MATERIAL: Audition music will be posted on this webpage on May 24.  Be sure to log on and print it if you have not already.  Play as much of this music as you can; it is okay if you cannot play all of it.  Be prepared to play the chromatic scale. The chromatic scale should be slurred for woodwinds and brasses. The chromatic scale does NOT have to be memorized. Go for speed but avoid playing faster than you can play cleanly! Play as many octaves as you can. Percussion audition music includes a mallet excerpt and a snare drum excerpt. Percussionists will also be asked to perform the chromatic scale. We realize that some students may not be familiar with all of the chromatic scale. You only have to audition on the things that you are comfortable playing. No one will be forced to play anything!


PROCEDURE: You will audition for a camp staff member. You will not audition in front of anyone else! Be sure to bring your instrument from home for auditions and for camp unless you have made arrangements to borrow an instrument from the school.

BAND PLACEMENT: No student will be turned away based on the audition. Each student will be ranked and placed in the band best-suited for his/her playing ability. This may be different than how you were ranked at your home school. Upon arrival Monday morning (first day of camp) look for the table with your instrument’s music folders. When you pick up your folder you will see that it will have your name and the band you made printed on it.