The 2010 staff will be finalized in the coming months.  To give you an idea of who to expect, here is last year's staff:

2019 Full Ensemble Conductors

Red Band (First Band) Conductor: Jane Maloy, Currently Manvel JH (Alvin ISD); 2019-20 Westbrook Intermediate (Clear Creek ISD)

White Band (Second Band) Conductor: Andie Troutman, Brookside Intermediate, Clear Creek ISD

Blue Band (Third Band) Conductor: Thomas Landfried, Friendswood Junior High, Friendswood ISD

Instrumental Specialists

Flute:  Ana Tran (Creekside Intermediate Band Director)

Oboe: Ashley Guillot (Private instructor—Clear Creek ISD)

Bassoon: Robyn Watson (Private instructor in Clear Creek ISD)

Clarinet: Cayce Vega (Private instructor in Clear Creek ISD)

Saxophone: Bernadette Walls (Space Center Intermediate Band Director)

Trumpet: Jennifer Rogers (Brookside Intermediate Band Director)

Horn: Doug Parmer (Clear Lake Intermediate Band Director)

Trombone: Austin Tran (Seabrook Intermediate Band Director)

Euphonium/Tuba: Bennett Parsons (Victory Lakes Intermediate Band Director)

Percussion Rehearsal Specialist: Andrew Keller (Private instructor—Clear Creek ISD)

Applied Percussion Specialist: Daniel Vega (Private instructor—Clear Creek ISD)

Large Ensemble Studies: Brian Moreno (Clear Falls High School Band Director)

Conductor's Assistant: Amy Cupitt (Lutheran South Academy Band Director) 

Additional Camp Staff

Camp Directors: Teri Brockway (Westbrook Int. Band Director) and  Rick Brockway (League City Int. Band Director)

Assistants to the Camp Directors: Laura DuPont