We regret to inform you that we have chosen to cancel the Stars and Stripes Band Camp South Location, which was to be held at Victory Lakes Intermediate during the week of June 17-21, 2013. We recently learned that the VLIS campus is having major renovation to the floors in multiple parts of the building during the time we were scheduled to have camp. We considered relocating, but did not find a facility that was available during this week. Additionally, we have experienced a higher registration rate during our second week of camp, which is June 24-28. We will still have camp the week of June 24-28; however, it is being relocated to Space Center Intermediate, as we recently learned that the Westbrook campus is also no longer available. We regret the last-minute changes, but we understand that CCISD has limited time in the summer to complete all of the necessary work to keep our schools safe and clean for our students. CCISD has been very supportive of our camp and has worked to help us find alternatives to our facility conflicts.

 If your child was signed up for both weeks, we will be mailing a refund for the South Camp. The refund will be half of the cost of what you paid for both weeks of camp. If you mailed in your payment, the cost for two weeks was $325, so your refund will be $162.50. If you paid online, the cost for two weeks was $331.50, so your refund will be $165.75. We will mail the refunds to the address given on the registration form.

If your child was only signed up for the South Camp, we would like to invite him/her to join us at the North Camp at Space Center Intermediate the week of June 24-28. The audition would be Sunday, June 23. We are offering a full refund to those who cannot or do not wish to attend the camp during this week.  Please reply and let us know if you would like to switch to the camp at Space Center Intermediate, or if you would prefer a refund. If we do not hear from you by Friday, May 24, we will assume your child will not attend the camp at Space Center and we will mail a refund. You should receive that refund check early next week.  After that time, you are still welcome to register your child for the band camp at Space Center.

 To all who had a child registered at the South Camp, please accept our apology for any inconvenience this change has caused. We made every effort to avoid closing the South Camp.  We hope to see your child at the Stars and Stripes Band Camp during the week of June 24-28 at Space Center Intermediate!



Teri and Rick Brockway

Camp Directors